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Terms apply to all Trusses provided by Custom Structures

Upon acceptance of estimate, and/or installation of truss package provided by Custom Structures, the purchaser of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses, and Custom Structures agree as follows:

1.  The delivery of trusses, either ground delivered to the jobsite, or plate line, is considered a delivery method ONLY and not in any way to be considered a part of the installation of the trusses.

2.  Whomever shall nail girder trusses together, either the purchaser in the field, or Custom Structures, will follow the instructions in the supplied engineering for the girder truss and also any minimum requirements of the building code.

3.  Custom Structures may provide truss-to-truss connection hardware to the purchaser, and if so, the purchaser of trusses and Custom Structures agree that it is the purchaser's responsibility to obtain all proper design information and installation requirements for the hardware from the hardware manufacturer.

4.  Custom Structures will retain a copy of the entire project file, either digitally or printed, to include the agreement/contract, engineering, invoice, and other proper documents for a period of no less that two years from the date estimate is originally submitted. 

5.  The purchaser of trusses agrees to reimburse Custom Structures for any legal fees and court costs in any disagreement or legal cause that favors Custom Structures. 

6.  Custom Structures and their representatives reserve the right to conduct field inspection(s) of the trusses when there are reported discrepancies and are also allowed access for any needed repairs.

**NOTE** The purchaser agrees any repair will be completed during the construction phase, any repair needed after closing in of the trusses are the sole responsibility of the truss purchaser. 

7.  The truss purchaser is responsible for any person that alters or cuts a truss and agrees to pay any cost(s) incurred as result for engineering and repair of the altered/compromised truss(es).

8.  Custom Structures reserves the right to reject and remove themselves from any proposal, estimate, or contract that would include the requirement of any inspection other than our normal, quarterly, third-party inspection, such as "Special Inspection."

9.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser for the construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, procedures, programs, and safety in connection with the receipt, storage, handling, installation, restraining and bracing, both temporary and permanent, of the trusses. 

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